cropped-harvestninjaapplegraphic.jpgHarvest Ninja is a program that works to address hunger in our Green County, Wisconsin community.

We do this by picking unpicked trees in our community and donating the fruit for use at the Loaves & Fishes Community Meals held throughout the year.

Apples, pears, berries and more!  Our community has untapped abundance to provide to the hungry, we just need to do is pick the trees.  Harvest Ninja has asked families in my rural Green County, Wisconsin, community to gather the fruit from unpicked trees and donate the fruit to the Loaves & Fishes Community Meal, a monthly free meal for the hungry and for those people who might welcome sharing a meal with others in our community.  The Harvest Ninja image communicates that you can have a lot of fun while doing a good deed.

Harvest Ninja has accomplished this by providing tools such as apple pickers and a ladder along with support, community outreach and heaps of ninja fun.  Even though hunger is a serious problem, this project looks at the “glass half full,”  meaning there is an abundance of healthy produce for us to give to local kids in need if only we all come together to pick it.Simon

My name is Liam Kivirist and I am fourteen years old. I coordinate Harvest Ninjas by recruiting families and I created a website to track our fruit harvest and launched the project at the Loaves & Fishes Community Meal on April 28 2013, in conjunction with Global Youth Service Day.

If your interested in purchasing a Harvest Ninja tee shirt you can do so here: http://www.zazzle.com/farmninjastore

We also regularly organize harvest parties to celebrate the food we provided to the hungry and thank the volunteers.



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