Be A Ninja

Be A Harvest Ninjacropped-harvestninjaapplegraphic.jpg

Harvest Ninja Responsibilities
1. If available, volunteer at the kick-off event in the spring of 2016.

2. Harvest one (or more) unpicked fruit trees in Green County and donate the fruit to Loaves & Fishes Community Meal.  If you have any surplus produce – or know of someone who has extra fruits, vegetables and even herbs – and would like to harvest this produce yourself and arrange to have this produce donated to Loaves and Fishes Community Meal, that’s great, too.  Please contact Liam with the amount of produce harvested and make sure you include a Harvest Ninja Donated Produce sign which you can download here:  Harvest Ninja-DropOffSheet.

3. No tree, no problem. Just let us know so we can find some produce for you to pick.
Let us know if you have a tree to pick. The more produce the better!

4.  Agree to have some “action photographs” taken of you and your harvest or involvement in the project to help us spread the word about this project and raise awareness of hunger issues.Mina_Applepickerninja

Harvest Ninja Rewards
1. Supercool Harvest Ninja T-Shirt (limited supply, so become a Harvest Ninja now!)
2. Access to harvest supplies, including a ladder and apple picker (for apples, pears or peaches)
3. Celebrate our success at the Ninja Harvest Party this fall at Inn Serendipity Bed & Breakfast and Farm.
4. Feel the wonderful satisfaction of being part of a team of cool kids doing their part to fight childhood hunger and food waste in our community.


Contact Liam Kivirist and/or his parents, Lisa Kivirist and John Ivanko, to become a Harvest Ninja.
Phone (home line): 608-329-7056




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