Childhood Hunger

cropped-harvestninjaapplegraphic.jpgChildhood hunger is a big problem.

Fact: 20% of all kids don’t know when their next meal will be. There are many organizations working to end childhood hunger, yet it’s still extremely prevalent. But we can do something about it.  Like pick fruit trees loaded with unpicked fruit!

Another problem is that 30% of all children are overweight. This means that some of the kids who don’t know when their next meal is coming from may also be overweight.   Unhealthy food is often cheaper or more convenient.   Often, the child’s family cannot afford or locate healthy food, especially fresh and local.

I looked up statistics on childhood hunger and I was shocked.  I never knew there were so many people in Green County, Wisconsin who did not know when their next meal was coming.  I read estimates that nearly 20% of all children where I live are unsure when or what their next meal will be.  I was also surprised and sad to learn that as high as 30% of kids in Green County, Wisconsin, are overweight or obese.  DSC_6139

It’s not just a question of providing food.  We need to fight hunger with healthy food options.  That’s hard when my area has lots of fast food restaurants that sell junk food cheap.  Many children who are hungry do not have access to healthy food.  It also bothered me to learn that the average American wastes about  40% of all their food every year.

Harvest Ninja is helping change these statistics by providing healthy fruits and vegetables that would otherwise go to waste.  My community in particular has a high senior population and I see lots of unpicked fruit trees and berry bushes around town that belong to older folks who can no longer physically pick their fruit trees.  Harvest Ninja has not only picked this untapped fruit abundance, but it has brightened up the day of these seniors to have families and kids visiting.  Fighting hunger goes beyond just providing food.  We need to strengthen our connections to each other and build community.

Help fight childhood hunger.

Become a Harvest Ninja family and take a bite out of childhood hunger!

Links to learn more about hunger:



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