Youth Leadership

Liam Kivirist
Founder and Co-Organizerlk-harvestninja-headshot

Liam Kivirist is a fourteen year old boy who lives on a farm in southern Wisconsin. When he first learned about the widespread reach of hunger in 2012 he decided to make a difference and start Harvest Ninja, a group dedicated to taking produce that would otherwise go to waste and give it back to the community. When he’s not fighting hunger, Liam is an avid computer enthusiast and can often be found building and tearing apart computers or learning C#.







Olivia Rothor-harvestninja-headshot


The Niesman Family
Brenda and Piper.


The Neton Family

Mare, Jason, Henry and Alice


The Roth Family

Erica, Scott, Olivia, Sophie and Owen Roth


The Carus Family

Luis, Vincent and Simon Carus

Jack And Maggie

The Wellington Family

Jesse Wellington, Ben Beardmore, Maggie, Jack


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